About Karla

Intuitive since early childhood, Karla first became aware of Keeno, her shaman angel guide, at about the age of three.

She felt spirit guides around her throughout the years, and the angels assisting her. She had many, many dreams and visions which helped her all of her life.

Karla studied at the University of Minnesota and attained a two year degree, and also a degree at the Minneapolis Business College.

Karla married and raised four children with her husband, Joe. She taught intuition to teenagers and worked as an aide at a group home for the handicapped for six years, and then at a home for the elderly for another six.

In later years, she pursued other wisdom and enlightenment sources. With the guidance of Mary Rowan, a renowned psychic in Minneapolis, Karla further developed her intuitive abilities.

Karla is also a healer and a Reiki Master. She also studied feng shui and animal communication - all things she used and understood all of her life, and also became a minister.

Through these many vocations, she grew with her intuitive knowledge and wealth of experiences helping people. Karla is a writer and an artist, recently creating angel pictures in watercolor with an angel guide, Joyelle.

Karla lives with Joe and her two middle-aged Himalayan cats, Cosmo and Dharma. They have inspired her to write her second book, which will be coming in the future, and which Pierre would highly approve of.

Karla's philosophy is, "Life is full of joy when people listen to nature's messages and realize they are all connected to the universe, and here for a purpose. Each life is important and unique, and we are all part of a sacred plan and grand puzzle continually being created by Spirit or God."

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