Intuition Classes

Karla has no pre-scheduled classes during the next few months, but can arrange private class times for groups of four or more by appointment. Contact info is available here.

See class descriptions below for more information.

Karla currently holds classes from her home office in Forest Lake, MN, for groups of four or more by appointment. Karla's classes are small and informal, with no judgments, and they are not in sequence so if you miss one class you can still come to another. Come and have fun! Everyone is intuitive, it is just that some people use it or practice with it more than others, and it is simply co-creating with Spirit, or God, to live one's life, no matter what your religion or way of spirituality.

These classes are currently available, please contact Karla for more information or to schedule a session.

Animals: Messages From Nature
Pets are with us every day - teaching, healing, helping. Come and share stories about your own pets, bring pictures if you wish. Learn about totem animals, messages, and lessons one may learn from nature.

Calling All Angels
Come and learn about the many kinds of angels and what they can do for us, how they live among us, and how important they can be in our lives. Share stories if you wish. Angels are here, all we have to do is ask them to come in.

Clearing Clutter with Karla
Energy is in everyday things all around us. Come and learn some of the techniques Karla has acquired over the years about replenishing energy, by cleaning your house, and also your life. Learn the importance of feng shui, hints for cleaning, clearing, and renewing energies in your home or work space, using color, placement of furniture, crystal hangings, plants, rocks, etc., and how changing energy where you reside can renew your life. Your life can become fresh again, with joyfulness and peace!

Dealing with Stress in a Metaphysical Way
There are many profound ways to deal with everyday stresses, which you can explore with Karla. Cleansing chakras, meditating, using rocks, Karla's own symbols she has created through Spirit, and many more techniques may be used for stress. Come and relax!

Dreams, Beginning Intuition, Meditation Class
This is a class for everyone, incorporating many tools to help enhance one's life intuitively. Analyzing dreams can be very helpful as well as other tools to become more intuitive. Simple meditation techniques can assist one in this often stressful world. Learn Dream Interpretation and its importance in the modern world. There is so much you can learn through dreaming - symbolism, astral travel, past life information, meeting guides in dreams, forgiveness with pass relationships, direction for your life, and much more.Come and enjoy! This class is different every time, so you could come to more than one class.

Fairies, Gnomes, and Other Guides
Fairies are real - come and find out how to recognize them in your life, connect with them, and help heal yourself or your pets, find lost objects, clean up the environment, create landscapes, grow gardens, and more!

Intuition: Hodgepodge
Each class is different! We will learn many various methods to become more intuitive. There are so many tools people may use to co-create with Spirit, and be in tune with themselves: Meditation, astrology, numerology, pendulums, psychometry, automatic writing, understanding dreams and visions, working with energy, and healing techniques.

Raising Intuitive Children
There are many indigo, crystal, and rainbow children being born these days. Many of them are misunderstood, judged, and over medicated. Learn ways to cope with them better, understand, and help them to survive in today's society. Karla lived this story herself, and understands the frustrations of being psychic and misunderstood. (Also, she raised four very intuitive children of her own!)

Shamanism and Dream Class
Karla has had an angel/Indian guide all of her life, who teaches her many things. Come and hear some of the techniques one can learn to become a Shaman and how this can help one in the world. Learn about Star People and who they are. Karla has always been a dreamer, and she dreamed her own cards for her animal deck which she uses for readings. Dreams may help one understand past lives, solve problems, see guides, heal, and astral travel.

U.F.O.'s, E.T.'s, and Star People **NEW**
This is an unusual class for people interested in U.F.O.'s and E.T.'s. If you are interested in learning about "missing time" and things you may have seen in the sky, come and feel free to share without judgment. Karla also has a lot of suggestions on coping with these experiences in a world where it is difficult to share with people who may not understand or criticize.

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