Intuitive Readings

Karla Wessel has been giving intuitive readings for 30 years. By sharing her perceptions about one's past, present, and possibilities for the future, Karla's clients receive new insights into their lives.

During the reading, each client selects from a series of special cards designed by Karla. These Sedona Star Cards were a gift given to her from Spirit while on a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

While meditating on the Airport Vortex Mountain, Karla received a message from Keeno, her angel spirit guide, to create her own cards.

She returned to Minnesota and proceeded to dream about animals and nature for 107 nights in a row. Each morning she captured these images and their meanings on paper. This is Karla's special tool to use for readings with her clients.

During a reading, each client selects from these cards and Karla interprets the meanings of these cards, which are different for each client.

Karla gives readings throughout the upper Midwest. Based in the Twin Cities, she currently conducts readings by private arrangement.

If you would like Karla to read for groups or special events, please call several months in advance. All readings are confidential. Readings are best done in person, although telephone readings can be arranged.

For details on connecting with Karla, please see her Contact Information page.

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