Sedona Star Cards

CardsKarla's Sedona Star Cards - Now Available!

While meditating at the Airport Vortex mountain many years ago, Karla received a message from Keeno, her Native American/Angel spirit guide, to create her own cards. She returned to Minnesota and dreamed the cards. Every morning she captured these images and their meanings on paper. This is Karla’s special tool to use for readings with her clients. Now she has decided to release them to the public, as prayerful affirmations.

Each set comes complete with instructions for your own reading, including more background on the history of the cards, and each card features Karla’s original drawings from her dreams. The cards come in a lovely draw-string pouch for carrying and storage.

Order your Sedona Star Cards today! - Currently available directly from Karla. Each set sells for $35.00.

Angel Star Cat

Pets, Spirituality, and Dreams - About Angel Star Cat

We all tell stories of who we are and where we have been, the dramas that have both challenged us and carried us through our journey on this precious planet. These personal stories shape who we become and what we believe.

Opening up the hidden world of psychic phenomenon through stories and poems, Karla and Pierre share insights into the rich guidance available to all of us through our pets, dreams, family, guides, partners, friends, and our chance occurrences that are anything but accidental.

They provide techniques for interpreting the guidance we receive as well as examples from their own experience about how to strengthen and deepen our intuitive connections and faith in the world around us.

Pierre, the French Birman Cat is a 19 year old French Birman cat with an enchanting story to tell. He has an unusual sense of humor and a deep love for humankind.

Karla Wessel is an author, artist, intuitive reader, photographer, teacher, and spiritual counselor. She works with the assistance of Keeno, her Indian/angel guide, as well as many other spirit guides. Keeno is a Native American Shaman who has been with her since birth. Together they combine their unique gifts to help people reach clarity about the events and circumstances of their lives.

Here's what readers are saying about Karla and Angel Star Cat

"Karla's book is so interesting, insightful and true, as it is about real people. Her family must be beaming with pride about her, and her talents. Also she gave me such a powerful reading, the other day - what a gifted person she is." -Nancie, St. Paul, MN

"I have known Karla for many years, and think she is one of the best, intuitively, and as a good friend. I think her book is going to awaken a lot of people to understand the importance of the animal/people connections." -Betty, Maplewood, MN

"I love Karla's book because of its honesty and insights. My intuitive coaching experience with Karla has also been amazing. I have gained a deeper understanding of myself and my metaphysical side. I've also come to have a better understanding of others. Karla's teaching is perceptive and spiritual. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their self-awareness and/or their 'sixth sense'!" -Jennifer, Woodbury, MN

Angel Star Cat is currently available!

You can pick up your own copy of Angel Star Cat directly from Karla, or online through and

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