Angel Star Seminar

Rejoice and rejuvenate at a half day women's healing seminar!

Call Karla for more information - (651) 308-6469

Karla has created an Angel Star Journey Course for women, teaching her own techniques for becoming more intuitive and spiritual. You can achieve many things when you reach your higher self and discover your own destiny. When you are in tune with your mind, emotions, body, and spirit, you are a happier and more fulfilled person. This seminar includes hints and techniques to create your own ongoing self-coaching to renew your life. The object of this seminar is to empower women to help themselves.

MIND - Learn to be positive, create self talk, beat depression, let go of judgements, create renewed life goals, become more structured in daily life, and overcome addictions.

BODY - It's all about energy - There are many ways to renew your body, no matter what challenges you have had. Working with energy helps heal your body and emotions. Karla is a Reiki master and has also created her own symbols to aid with healing that were given to her from her Shaman, Native American/Angel guide, Keeno. Feng Shui is another way to not only clear clutter but renew your life. Aligning your chakras is very important to do every day, if you can.

EMOTION - Learn techniques to forgive others or yourself, face fears, recover from a broken heart, and have better relationships. Overcome you emotional challenges, whether they are your career, marriage, children, or finding your own destiny.

SPIRIT - There are many metaphysical ways to enhance your life and renew your souls intuitively. Learn about finding guides and about dreaming. Learn about meditation and prayer. Many miracles happen every day, but people sometimes don't recognize them. Learn techniques to become more aware. Angels, fairies, spirits are often around one. Come and share your own stories if you wish.

Karla learned many shamanistic ways through her own guides. To be a shaman is to be a mystic and realize messages are brought to you by Spirit every day. Cocreating with Spirit can help one cope in this often challenging world.

Nature, animals, and pets can help you see the world more clearly, and teach you so many things. Many times pets choose you, and often they help you with difficult challenges in your life. Pets can bring you humor, joy, unconditional love, companionship, and protection. Learn about rocks, trees, the elements, totem animals, and how animal guides can help you. Share stories about your pets. Bring pictures if you wish.

Course fee includes a copy of Karla's 80-page workbook designed especially for this course. Contact Karla for more information at (651) 308-6469. The atmosphere is casual - come and relax, with no judgements. We are here to help each other, to share, and to learn!

"We are each on our own journey to our Higher Selves, and to be an Angel Star in the sky, someday.
Nature can show one why life is so worthwhile, as we are all connected to the universe and each other.
None of us are ever alone in the world; we need each other, and each have our own unique place in the Cosmos."
-Keeno, Double Two Feathers

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