Kosmic Getaway
What Karla's guests have to say about their Kosmic Getaway...

Fall 2006 Tour

"Sedona was a beautiful, spiritual, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Touring with Karla was fun, relaxing, and educational." - Jennifer L., St. Paul, Minnesota.

"Sedona was such an awesome adventure. Definitely a mystical place. It was a great place to soak in the intense view, journal, meditate, and experience the vortex. For me, it was a tingling in my feet, hands, and it soon spread to my entire body. Thanks, Karla!" - Diane O'Connor, Illinois.

"How fun! Traveling to Sedona with Karla and the ladies in our group was such an experience! I Loved climbing Bell Rock with Karla and the girls. The whole trip was relaxing and enjoyable." - Jerri Lynn Virve, Illinois.

"Touring Arizona with Karla, even for a long weekend, leaves a lasting impression. While she's very familiar with the territory, she approaches it with wonder each time - a true gift that each of us should master. Brief, but very meaningful, ceremonies she lead at the energy-charged sites were welcome additions to contemplative time spent alone. It's no accident that insights are revealed, purposes are clarified and new doors open as a result of time spent together. Overall, there was great flexibility to go your own road, or hang out with a compatible group. I look forward to joining another tour with her someday soon." - Julie Stroud

Spring 2007 Tour

"Karla made a great tour guide as she just 'knows' where the best place to be is at the right times. During our first prayer session behind the lighted cross near Airport Lodge, the wind was cold and blowing hard. I suddenly felt the presence of 'body heat' standing directly behind me. I recognized the intense feeling of love washing over me which I felt in a past life memory/dream shortly after another visit to Sedona, and again just weeks before this trip during an energy healing session. It was my native husband from a past life.

"Our first night in Sedona, we noticed how the moon was only lit from beneath which so inspired me that I wrote a poem. I have since been inspired to start writing again.

"While walking along a path within the Cathedral Vortex at Red Rock Crossing with no one else around, we heard the most unearthly sound of an engine coming from nearby. In my mind's eye I saw a spaceship for just a split second. I looked at Karla and she said, "yes it is a UFO," and that we had probably startled them, for within moments it was gone and all we heard were sounds of nature once more.

"I had been considering some changes in my life and this trip gave me answers to what direction my life path should take. I have been making some changes since returning from the trip, including taking Reiki, and I had felt energy flowing from my palms and the earth while we were at Bell Rock and since then. My hands and feet heat up when I am doing Reiki. This is only a sample of my own personal experiences with the Magic of Sedona." - Cindy Elsola, St. Paul, Minnesota.

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